2022 BMW i4 versus 2022 Polestar 2

BMW has a long history of developing luxury sports sedans, and now the automaker is aiming to dominate the all-electric segment with its new 2022 i4. About the size of a 3 Series, the BMW i4 offers an engaging driving experience. If you’re looking for an alternative to the Tesla Model 3, this could be it. But there’s another small EV vying for your attention: the Polestar 2.

The Polestar 2 comes from Volvo’s upcoming EV-only brand, Polestar. It impresses with excellent handling and impressive technology. Which electric sedan – with a hatchback trunk – is the better buy? Edmunds experts compared them to find out.


Range and charging should be top priorities, even if you’re looking for a powerful EV. For 2022, the i4 has an EPA-estimated range of 227-301 miles, depending on model and configuration. On paper, Polestar 2’s EPA rating isn’t that high. It is estimated between 249 and 270 miles.

Edmunds also ran its real-world range tests on both cars. Here the twin-engine i4 M50 version drove 268 miles on a full charge and the twin-engine Polestar 2 288 miles. This puts the Polestar in the top half of the Edmunds EV rankings and the i4 in the bottom half.

Charging both vehicles with an empty battery at home takes about the same amount of time. If you use a public DC fast charging station, you may be back on the road a little sooner with the slightly higher peak charging current of the BMW.

Winner: Polestar 2


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