The Futureverse Foundation invests in underrepresented artists, creatives, and communities to create more diverse, equitable, and inclusive spaces—both in the Metaverse and in the real world.

NEW YORK, June 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Non-Fungible Labs, a New Zealand-based NFT and blockchain-based technology company and home of FLUF World, a collection of Metaverse-enabled one-of-a-kind 3D avatars, land, music and games, today announced a significant new chapter for its community and creators worldwide, the launch of The Futureverse Foundation, a non-profit foundation with artist consultants Alexandra Grant and actors Keanu Reeves.

Through their shared value of promoting socioeconomic justice and supporting artists worldwide, the Futureverse Foundation seeks to support underrepresented artists and exhibit their work across digital and physical platforms. The Futureverse Foundation will award grants to support diverse and underrepresented artists and promote their unique artistry on global platforms. The Futureverse Foundation also wants to help keep the metaverse broadly accessible, healthy, and evolving.

In anticipation of the Futureverse Foundation’s launch, Non-Fungible Labs has provided a donation to Nana Oforiatta Ayimto support her work as curator of the Ghana Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2022. Oforiatta Ayim was awarded 100,000 euros in support of their curatorial concept based on a mobile museum presenting the work of Na Chainkua Reindorf, Afroscope and Diego Araúja in an exhibition designed by architect DK Osseo Asare.

The scholarship holders are selected via a nomination process, whereby underrepresented artists and creative people are taken into account. The collaborative mission will also reach out to the FLUF world community to consider causes and organizations they are passionate about.

The Futureverse Foundation was established to give back indefinitely to the arts community and to solidify its founders’ commitment to creating a better world for artists. Non-Fungible Labs’ involvement with the Futureverse Foundation has made the ability to make a global impact even stronger. For example, since Non-Fungible Labs founded FLUF World in 2021, over two million dollars was raised for causes such as homelessness and support for Ukraine.

“Funding art is a challenge for every artist and non-profit arts organization. Developing a new model for art philanthropy with the Non-Fungible Labs team that can make a lasting impact in both the digital and physical realms has been one of the most exciting projects I’ve worked on that has already made a real impact “, says Alexandra Grant. “Our creative future is lived between the real and the digital, and it is our responsibility to include more people in this creative space.”

“I’m honored to join the efforts of Non-Fungible Labs in partnership with Alexandra Grant for the Futureverse Foundation’s exceptional program and opportunity to support artists and creators worldwide,” says Keanu Reeves.

“We believe that AI artists giving back to artists in the physical world are the embodiment of what the metaverse is and where it’s going,” he says Brooke Howard Smith, co-founder of FLUF World. “It is important to us that we do our charitable part and use our influence to inspire the collective to be generous and kind. A partnership with a renowned philanthropist such as Alexandra Grant is the first of many incredible initiatives that we hope to launch to create a brighter future for artists around the world.”


Built on the Ethereum blockchain, FLUF World’s digital ecosystem is loved by a growing community of collectors and creators. With a mission to create the most open, inclusive, creative, and sustainable community possible, FLUF World fosters connections with artists, collaborators, and FLUF owners – FLUFs are their Genesis collection of 10,000 Metaverse-enabled avatars. Recognized for its rapid growth and innovation, owners also have full derivative rights to their FLUF assets, unlocking a world of creativity, expression and monetization. Because FLUFs are dynamic NFTs that are customizable underground, Nonfungible Labs turned NFTs into content distribution channels.

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Unacceptable Laboratories is a Web3 dream factory based in Auckland, New Zealand. With an existing ecosystem of successful projects, including FLUF worldNon-fungible Labs work closely with a range of partners to create fun and immersive decentralized content on their mission to help everyday creators develop an open metaverse.

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She spent significant parts of her childhood and youth in it Mexico, Franceand Spain, are some of the fundamental questions that drive their practice: How do the languages ​​we speak and the images we see shape how we think and exchange ideas? In an increasingly technology-driven world, how can artists and writers work to create and influence culture?

Grant is a Los Angeles-based visual artist who investigates language and written text through painting, drawing, sculpture, video, and other media. Her work has been exhibited at the Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, Md; Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Museum of Contemporary Art, los Angeles (MOCA), the Pasadena Museum of California Art and in a solo exhibition at the Orange County Museum of Art, Telepathy Is One Step Further Than Empathy, curated by Cassandra Koblentz. Awards include the COLA Individual Artist Fellowship and the Pollock-Krasner Foundation. Alexandra is the creator of the GrantLOVE project, which has donated artworks to raise funds for arts-based nonprofits including Heart of los Angeles (HELLO); Project Angel Food; Art of Elysium; 18th Street Arts Center and LAXART. In 2017, Grant co-founded X Artists’ Books with Reeves, a publisher of artist-centric books.


Keanu Reeves is a legendary actor, producer, writer and director who has entertained audiences worldwide for more than three decades. Reeves has developed an eclectic roster that includes blockbuster franchises like The Matrix and John WickHe has starred in indie films such as My Own Private Idaho and made his directorial debut in 2013’s Man of tai chi. Reeves is also the co-founder of ARCH Motorcycle and the creator of BRZRKR, his first comic book and graphic novel series, which launched in 2017 March 2021.


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