Blue Light Bandits return to Worcester for a show at Off the Rails.

Sure, a full calendar year has separated the release of their latest album and the show that was supposed to properly christen it, but for the guys at Blue Light Bandits, they’re honestly glad it happened that way.

Ahead of their year-long release anniversary show at Off The Rails on June 24th, the band looks forward to a wealth of aspects when it comes to the show itself. Whether it’s to celebrate their latest studio album Honestly Glad It Happened, their return to their Worcester roots for the first time in a couple of years, or the fact that they’re taking the stage at a brand new venue in town to host an all-out Providing a visual listening experience, multi-instrumental singer Dan DeCristofaro looks forward to unleashing the new music on a live stage after the creative power that went into recording the record in the first place.

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