DIY world meets again in Copenhagen

The DIY world has just returned to the 8th Global DIY Summit, held June 8-10, 2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

At the end of the 8th Global DIY Summit, delegates rated this event as “very good” to “excellent” with an overwhelming 81% using the in-app voting tool, with another 18% rating the event as “good”. . The Congress was attended by approximately 900 delegates from 55 countries, including over 280 of our industry’s leading retailers from around the world.

Due to the very multicultural audience attending the Summit this year, possibly due to the reopening of international travel, the voting tool produced some interesting results. Our audience was predominantly male, accounting for 72% of the total delegates. This year, over 31% of the audience were retailers, while suppliers still make up the largest share among the different visitor groups: around 55% of the delegates were manufacturers.

In addition, companies that are not necessarily active in the industry or at least not 100% connected to it (e.g. consultancies, exhibition organisations, universities, etc.) also showed a growing participation of 15% of the total.

It was very encouraging for us as organizers to hear that delegates using the voting tool described our Congress as a world class event. The next and 9th Global DIY Summit will take place from June 14th to 16th, 2023 in Berlin, Germany. Over 65% of participants have already confirmed their participation in next year’s Summit.

Opening of the 8th Global DIY Summit 2022 in Copenhagen

On Wednesday 8 June, delegates had the opportunity to take part in a store tour in Copenhagen, visiting a range of traditional through to new and exciting DIY retailers, including a shop pioneered by reclaimed building materials in matters of sustainability. Visiting some exceptionally professionally run stores, delegates were thrilled to learn how chains like Stark, Silvan and BAUHAUS, as well as established franchises like XL-BYG and discounters like jem & fix, continue to adapt and innovate to keep their customers happy ‘ Evolving needs and embedding them in a competitive urban environment. A total of 330 delegates took part in the Store Tour, which consisted of six buses visiting six high quality hardware stores.

Three workshops focused on driving high levels of in-store productivity, staying relevant in times of upheaval and driving incremental sales on Amazon gave attendees the opportunity to work in an interactive atmosphere. These workshops, including one led by industry icon Jim Inglis, were a resounding success as all participants gained new insights into running their businesses successfully.

The 8th Global DIY Summit brought the industry together again after 3 long years with the Wednesday evening get-together in the exhibition area. The jubilant mood that arose from the reunification of the industry was palpable; as retailers, suppliers, consultants and industry players connected and reconnected.

THE NEW NORMAL – Adapting to a rapidly changing world

The main topic of the 8th Global DIY Summit was “THE NEW NORMAL – Adapting to a Rapidly Changing World”. Internationally renowned speakers delivered outstanding and thought-provoking presentations on personalization and the use of data to deliver personalized experiences, the future of marketplaces and the rise of digital ecosystems, open innovation and creating a culture of collaborative business, the age of responsibility, that goes beyond CSR, and DIY retail trends and the future of the DIY industry worldwide. We have all experienced the turbulent period of Covid-19 that has dominated the last few years and its impact on supply chains. However, it is important that these hurdles do not occur in isolation. Faced with myriad external and internal pressures, the home improvement, home improvement and gardening industry must act now to ensure its relevance and success in the future.

On opening day, Mark Herbek (Cleveland Research Company) presented the future of US DIY in a post-Covid-19/normal supply chain world, reiterating that “when the US sneezes, the world catches a cold”. The high expectations of the presentation by the Managing Director of the Bunnings Group, Michael Schneider, were met with his impressive opening speech; “Always evolving…markets, offerings and people.” Delegates loved the highly interactive sessions from world-renowned speakers Ken Hughes and Rik Vera, which were highlights of day one, alongside the session focused on the future of marketplaces, including AI and social commerce in an increasingly digital and connected world age, with Nils Zündorf (factor-a), Tobias Pohl (Google), Veronica Civiero (Meta) and Victoria Neuhofer (Neuhofer Holz).

Ken Hughes returned to the stage to open the session on Open Innovation with Menno van der Zalm, Director of Innovation at AkzoNobel, his interlocutor in Giving New Ideas the best Chance of Success. Three start-ups, each part of the global start-up challenge “Paint the Future”, presented their future-oriented developments and how collaborative innovation is changing the paint and coatings industry. The first day of the Global DIY Summit was closed by Jamie Anderson, Professor of Strategic Management at Antwerp Business School, who highlighted the importance of creative leadership in a complex world.

Gala evening: The Global DIY Lifetime Award – presented to John W. Herbert

The absolute highlight of the 8th Global DIY Summit was the gala evening, which took place in one of Copenhagen’s most unique buildings: the Lokomotivværkstedet. Steeped in history, this renovated and repurposed locomotive workshop, with its floor-to-ceiling windows and glowing skylights, provided the perfect backdrop to present the Secretary General of EDRA/GHIN, an undeniable icon in retail, DIY and home improvement, John W. Herbert, with the Global DIY Lifetime Award .

Sergio Giroldi, CEO of OBI and President of EDRA/GHIN, gave the eulogy and highlighted: “John W. Herbert [as] a true DIY veteran and a friend to all.” Reinhard Wolff, President of HIMA, commended John and thanked him for “[making] the global DIY community looks and feels like a village.” With 66 years in retail and a passion for networking, John W. Herbert has bought the world of DIY together since the founding of EDRA, GHIN and the Global DIY Summit . The extensive and sustained standing ovation and applause expressed the value of this one man to the industry.

Day Two: THE NEW NORMAL – Adapting to a rapidly changing world

The second day of the 8th Global DIY Summit would focus on sustainability and go beyond CSR, including an inspirational keynote by Shift17 founder Mark Haviland on the “Age of Responsibility”. Dilys Maltby, Senior Partner and Circus, wowed delegates with her thought-provoking presentation on “Putting Purpose at the Heart of your Business” and Wayne Visser, Professor of Integrated Value at Antwerp Management School, closed the session by asking, how we can make the transition From collapse to breakthrough world.

Home improvement retail trends were presented by international companies such as KPMG and USP, with Llewellyn Walters, CEO of Wholesale at Massmart South Africa, and Benjamin Brechter, Head of Business Unit Home and Garden at Bosch Power Tools, demonstrating what both retailers and suppliers are like Developing their offering to keep customers engaged and meet their growing needs. This session also included the exciting announcement that the newest members of the “Power for All Alliance” are the world famous brand Husqvarna, Kübler Workwear and PerfectPro. The alliance now consists of ten well-known and popular brands with a common goal: to offer users the best and widest cross-brand 18-volt battery system and thus maximize added value.

This year’s farewell speech was delivered by Joshua Coombes, founder of #DoSomethingForNothing, who shared his work in the new generation of altruism and looked deeper than the surface when engaging and connecting with individuals.

In the concluding summary, the co-chairs of the Global DIY Summit, John W. Herbert (EDRA/GHIN) and Piet de Coninck (HIMA) reiterated how inspiring and energizing it had been to bring the industry and its stakeholders back together.

Global DIY Summit General Manager Iñaki Maillard summed up the entire event by saying: “After two years of the pandemic, it was a great pleasure to welcome the leaders of our industry whose contributions bring great value to our event represent knowledge and expertise. The network represented by the hundreds of attendees at this event is our greatest asset, so all our efforts will be focused on deepening these relationships with our industry’s key decision makers in the years to come.”

The 8th Global DIY Summit once again cemented the essential role that the Global DIY Summit plays in bringing the industry together. The need for such events was discussed during the networking breaks among and by all delegates, who reiterated how thrilling it was to see the industry reunited and already looking forward to the next edition of the Global DIY Summit from 14th to 19th June 2019. until June 16, 2023 in Berlin.

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