Houzz reveals the upcoming summer trends for 2022

Continuous focus on nature

With more than half of home renovations involving exterior improvements, according to the US Houzz & Home Study 2022, it’s not surprising that people continue to look for ways to enjoy the outdoors in their home. And they’re looking to professionals on Houzz to help, with “landscaper” searches increasing compared to the first quarter of 2021. People are also exploring eco-conscious options like “drought-tolerant landscaping ideas,” whose searches have doubled from last year, and “drought-tolerant front yard landscaping ideas.” Searches for “hot tubs on decks” also increased nearly 2.5x compared to the same period last year.

make an entrance

Front doors are taking center stage and related search terms are growing in popularity this year. People pay attention to the first impression of their home, with increased interest in ‘iron front doors’ and ‘front door handles’ compared to last year. We’ve also seen an increase in searches for green and red front doors, while searches for black, blue, and yellow front doors have decreased. Interestingly, searches for “architectural mailboxes,” which are another creative way to show off your personality, have increased nearly 5.5x.

Statement lighting

People are looking for statement pieces to brighten up their interiors, with focus lighting such as “extra large chandeliers”, “lantern chandeliers”, “industrial pendant lights” and “wicker pendants” becoming increasingly popular. Lighting in general is a focus. Searches for “kitchen ceiling lights”, “flush lighting” and “task lighting” have all doubled.

styles defined

Homeowners are becoming more and more specific when it comes to their interior design style. Searches for “mid-century modern kitchen ideas” increased an impressive 6x, while “Japandi bathrooms” and “Japandi kitchens” increased 3x and 2x, respectively. “Beach-style design ideas” also increased nearly 2.5 times. Whatever the style, homeowners are looking for personalized decor and are hiring designers on Houzz to help them create a cohesive, conscious look.

Midcentury modern in mind

Speaking of mid-century modern, this timeless style tops searches on Houzz. In addition to related kitchen ideas, Houzz searches are increasingly including “midcentury modern bedroom ideas,” “midcentury modern exterior home ideas,” and even materials and lines often associated with the style, such as “kit kat tile,” “bouclé,” and “curved.” Sofa”.

Barndo houses

Barn houses evoke green pastures, spacious areas and a simpler way of life. All of this seems like a worthwhile goal according to searches that are coming up on Houzz. The term “barndo” has grown 2.5x compared to the same period last year. For those not looking for whole-home remodels, the search for “Barndominium kitchens” has more than doubled as well. Common features include clean lines, high ceilings, and open floor plans.

maximizing space

People make the most of their homes by looking for space-saving tips and ways to make their spaces appear larger. Search queries for “stack washer-dryers” and “hallway cupboards” have doubled compared to the same period last year. Design aesthetics that can go a long way in making your space appear larger are also seeing an increase, such as “acrylic counter stools” and “open stair case,” which people searched for more in Q1 2022 than Q1. quarter of 2021.

Pandemic Inspired Trends

If you’ve been inspired to adopt a pandemic puppy, it’s no surprise that searches for “dog feeding stations” have increased by 55%. And people may search more often for “chair seat covers” for a fur-friendly design. We’re also seeing a surge in searches for “computer closet” and the newly coined term “cloffice,” which transforms a closet into a workspace for smaller homes. As many homes became multi-generational during the pandemic, we’re seeing increased searches for features that could be helpful for accessory residential units (ADUs), like “small single wall kitchen ideas” and “windowless bathrooms.” Bidets don’t seem to be going anywhere since the “great toilet paper shortage” of 2020, with searches continuing to increase year-on-year.

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