Miranda Lambert has released the Country Style Home Collection with Walmart

Vintage country style lovers and Miranda Lambert fans, this might be the best news for you all month: the country music singer just launched a home decor collection with budget retailer Walmart, and the whole look is so cute.

The line includes a variety of finds for the home, from throw pillows and rugs to crockery and serving utensils. The collection was inspired by the vintage country aesthetic: think brightly colored fiestaware you grew up with and southern sayings embroidered on throw pillows and serving pieces, but all with a modern and chic twist from the singer.

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Lambert named her Wanda June collection after her mother and grandmother, Beverly June Lambert and Wanda Louise Cooker, both of whom influenced the line. “It’s kind of just a physical representation of all the memories that I have with my mom and my aunts and my girlfriends and her girlfriends and my grandmother and her friends,” the singer said. “To me, Wanda June just represents a long line of amazing memories with amazing women.”

The country singer prioritized low-maintenance and easy-to-use pieces in the collection, saying her mother and grandmother are “both women who can throw a party on the fly and can really make something special with little supplies and little time, and I’ve learned so much.” , when I saw this.” Most dishes are made of dishwasher-safe porcelain or acrylic and stack easily in cabinets.

You can shop the entire collection on Walmart’s website. We’ll be adding these to our cart right away!

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