Presentation is key when staging luxury homes for sale

With opulent sites such as MacDonald Highlands in Henderson, The Ridges in Summerlin and Southern Highlands Estates, Las Vegas offers an extensive selection of luxury real estate for affluent individuals looking for their next home purchase or for those interested in selling their home.

Associates Darin Marques, founder of the Darin Marques Group at Huntington & Ellis, and Heidi Carlsen, home staging expert at Stately Home Staging, have their fingers on the pulse of southern Nevada’s luxury real estate and understand what helps bring these properties to high-earners Persons. The answer lies in the presentation. These two partnering experts discuss the key elements of home staging and what it means from both a real estate agent’s and a designer’s perspective.

Marques weighs how to close the real estate deal with the right staging:

When showing a home, a retail-like experience can make all the difference. This can include how the space is lit, how it smells and, perhaps most importantly, how it is staged with furniture and various fixtures. All of these factors affect the overall ambiance and can help the potential buyer to remember a property much more and maybe decide to buy it.

Consider a completely blank canvas – an empty home – versus one that is well staged. In larger and more luxurious homes, when not staged, people walk in and imagine where a couch or table might go. It can all be a mystery – visually – at this point.

The staging takes the guesswork out of potential buyers and gives them an idea of ​​how the spaces can be used and optimized. It’s no different than when people walk into a show home. There’s a certain element of excitement that comes from seeing a space fill up.

As far as the agent-statter relationship goes, it’s best for everyone to essentially stay in their own lanes while working coherently together to sell a property. Agents often work with a trusted staging provider where their opinions matter in the next decision time. In some scenarios, the stager can interact directly with the home seller and have instant access to the professionals polishing their premises.

Looking at the whole transaction, staging is one of the tools in the toolbox that would speed up the sale of a home. One success story among many, our team recently signed a home worth over $5 million in 30 days, while the typical market duration for this price point is 97 days. I have no doubt that staging was a crucial factor in achieving this.

No agent out there should be a jack of all trades. A trusted stager is part of the team, and I’m selling a total team experience to the buyers out there.

Carlsen notes that customers should design with sales in mind:

When it comes to coordinating a home staging, it really is a designer’s job to sell a feel. The successful sale of the home depends on that very palpable emotional connection that a prospective buyer feels as soon as they enter a home. Home staging plays an essential role in decision psychology, allowing someone at a subconscious level to truly envision themselves in their future home.

This is especially true for luxury properties that come with a multi-million dollar price tag. Even in today’s hot market where one hears that houses are selling very quickly, higher ranking properties with an extremely high value still tend to have a slower turnaround time compared to the average house sale.

For this reason, it is important to stay up to date with the latest trends in order to keep a staged home looking fresh and truly desirable. Design implementations and quality products are crucial to liven up a space that might be perceived as ordinary, outdated or inhabited. A professionally staged home does its part in attracting the interest of potential buyers and contributing to a faster sale.

As design experts, we tell a story with furniture, accent pieces and other design elements. Some of the biggest challenges come when it comes to using space effectively.

Sometimes an original home design has the pristine location and beautiful architecture, but not enough functionality to meet modern living needs. As staging experts, we are adept at “solving” a challenging space, which is vital in showing any interested buyer just how much value they can squeeze out of every square inch of their home.

The result will speak for itself as we have seen that homes that are not staged can spend 70 percent more time on the market.

Darin Marques is a Las Vegas-based luxury real estate specialist and founder of the Darin Marques Group at Huntington & Ellis, a real estate agency.

Heidi Carlsen is a designer at Stately Home Staging, where she leads design efforts to transform luxurious home environments into beautiful homes Spaces designed to attract potential home buyers.

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