The 20 best bathroom makeover ideas for every design aesthetic

curved bathtub porch ideas for bathroom renovation


Ask any designer and they will tell you: kitchens and bathrooms are ultimately what defines a home. Therefore, when it comes to renovations and remodeling, these are the most popular spaces to invest in. With that in mind, make no mistake: upgrading a kitchen or bathroom will cost you, but in the end the results will be hugely worth it. To prove it, today we are focusing on bathroom remodeling ideas. Regardless of your design aesthetic—coastal granny, modern maven, color lover, or subtle minimalist—you’ll find over a dozen different ways to spruce up the bathroom in your home.

Even if you don’t copy the look tile by tile, let these beautifully designed bathrooms inspire you to create your own dream Salle de Bains. Maybe you’ll love the vanity in one room while flattering over the shower in another, or maybe you’re reconsidering an all-white aesthetic in favor of a lighter motif. Whatever the case, your dream bathroom is waiting for you. Here are our 20 best bathroom remodel ideas to inspire inspiration in your own home.

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This bathroom designed by Lisa Kahn may be draped in subtle sea foam and white, but the expansive floor-to-ceiling window adds more color (and texture) to the mix. Together, the palettes create a serene, spa-like bathroom.

Prefer a bolder palette? Here, San Francisco-based designer Heather Hilliard paired emerald tiles with marble countertops and brass fixtures for a finish look that draws attention to itself.

Show that you can combine natural elements like wood and stone with colorful tiles and rugs for a cosy, modern bathroom. As for us, we’re still raving about the wall paneling and domed vanities.

Perfect for a bachelorette or anyone craving a bit of dark drama, this black, slate and brass bathroom looks equally mysterious and romantic. Notice how the left wall looks like mercury glass? Quite the unique touch.

Have you ever seen a more inviting bathtub? The arched entryway, coupled with the paneling, claw foot tub and delicate drapes make this Philip Mitchell designed bathroom feel like a charming country retreat.

Clean lines breathe life into this modern bathroom by Christina Rottman. From the pristine bathtub to the massive glass shower (which has a door to the patio) to the spacious vanity, this bathroom has so many design elements worth copying.

One way to add a touch of flair to your bathroom without adding a lot of decorative items is to expose your plumbing. Here, both the tub and sink feature exposed piping, giving the space an industrial-chic vibe. We also love the orchid display in the shower.

Designer Traci Connell is the mastermind behind this bold bathroom from the 2021 Kips Bay Dallas Show House. As well as dousing the space with color, Connell made sure to add plenty of texture with woven baskets and flowers to really make it dimensional.


Enclosed outdoor shower

Let’s just call that the best of both worlds, right? Complete with two rainfall showerheads and a deep pedestal bath, this bathroom remodel idea is quite simply what dreams are made of. Steve Giannetti brought this nature-inspired space to life.

If you love an all-white cosmetic aesthetic but don’t want to give up color entirely, consider dressing your walls in dainty wallpaper like this blue-and-white one here.

Don’t forget the powder room in your home. If your space is particularly small, opting for a corner sink like this seashell-inspired one is a great idea.

This bathroom may be very simple in its design, but it is nothing short of a statement maker. The wood paneled ceiling flows into the marble shower and floor, while the all-white tub provides a high contrast that is both eye-opening and inviting. The large glass windows give you the feeling of bathing outside, which adds to the spa atmosphere.

Not all bathrooms come with linen closets, so it’s helpful to know how to use the space you have. A popular way to store towels and washcloths is in rattan baskets. As a bonus, they add a textural element to the room.

Iconic designer Alidad has a solution for those looking for a tranquil bathroom without sacrificing their love of color: opt for a bright reception in a more neutral bathroom.

Designed specifically for the North Carolina wilderness, this stunning bathroom designed by Al and Parker Platt proves that sometimes the most striking element of a bathroom is what lies beyond the windows. This sunken tub beneath a large window gives a whole new meaning to forest bathing.

If you’ve ever thought designing an eye-catching bathroom required a ton of color, designer Shazalynn Cavin-Winfrey has news for you. This black and white powder room mixes prints and finishes for a regal black tie look.

How quaint is this polka dot bathroom? Credit is due to Heather Chadduck Hillegas for the cute take on a traditional farmhouse washroom. We especially love the little details, like the picture ledge, layered window treatments, and curvy sinks.

This space could be filled with neutral colors, but the different finishes make it a standout space. From the gleaming brass fixtures to the textured walls to the immaculately lit abalone vanity, it truly is a sight to behold.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the pink walls are illustrated with fish, while the shower screen is decorated with black and white dots. Along with the wood vanity and black and brass fixtures, this bathroom shows how well competing elements can go together.

Designed by Robert Passal, this gray and white bathroom exudes mid-century modern charm. The light alone takes this space to a whole new level – to remind you: never underestimate the power of lighting.

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