The most wanted and in-demand design trends this summer

There’s an irrefutable truth to people’s search habits, and a new survey shows exactly where the wind is blowing when it comes to home decor this summer.

For the 2022 Houzz Emerging Summer Trends Report, this home design website pulled through three months’ worth of search results from January through March 2022. Then the site compared that data to the same period last year to see which design trends were on the rise — and which were on the decline.

As expected, many of the most popular upgrades continue to reflect a theme of the COVID-19 pandemic. We all shudder at the thought of toilet paper shortages, so it’s no surprise that searches for “bidets” are up 14% year over year. And with many working from home at least part of the time, searches for “cloffice” are still strong too (up 76%).

However, many of today’s most coveted home trends might be a little more surprising. If you’re thinking about starting a renovation project soon or are just curious about what’s hot right now, check out these popular design trends for some fresh ideas this summer.

Colorful front doors

Photo by Glenn Layton Homes

We’re finally inviting family and friends back to our home, and the first thing they’ll see is paramount. People pushed the plain old black and blue doors aside in search of “red front doors” (up 22%) and “green front doors” (up 55%).

And the knob that came with the house you bought will also be replaced, according to the report. Searches for “door handle” are up 46%. No more standard hardware!

“Japandi” kitchens and bathrooms

Clean, neutral and very calming are the main themes of the “Japandi” style, a mixture of Japanese and Scandinavian design aesthetics. (Ellen DeGeneres and KanyeWest are both self-confessed fans of the look.)

Homeowners are embracing this style’s natural fabrics and bamboo when searching for “Japandi kitchens” (twice as much as last year) and “Japandi bathrooms” (three times as much).

“Another of our studies of bathroom trends found that people are looking for a place of calm and relaxation, and the key features they want are cleanliness, a lack of clutter and lots of greenery – all hallmarks of the Japandi style,” he explains Mitchell ParkerHouzz Editor-in-Chief.

And if you’re thinking of listing your home soon, Japandi is a smart move, he says Susan Jakubowski, a real estate agent with Premier Sotheby’s International Realty in Cornelius, NC. “It’s a very modern look, and modern is very desirable, clean and showing off well.”


Photo by The Wadsworth Company

Searches for “barndominium” (a portmanteau of “barn” and “condominium”) are up 154% (and “barndo kitchens” are up nearly as much – 138%). Chip and Joanna Gaines helped bring this look to the fore when they featured it on their Fixer Upper show a few years ago.

A barndominium is a comprehensive conversion of an old barn into a home, Parker explains. It salvages the familiar rooflines and interior beams for a rustic-chic style. These kitchens appeal to those who want to try the trend in a small way, with the same vaulted ceiling and open floor plan.

Just keep in mind that a barndominium is probably too specific to sell easily, says Jakubowski, “unless you find the right buyer who will love that type of home.”

Hardy, drought tolerant plants

Photo of gravel and greenery

Many homeowners face the reality of living in areas with drought conditions, Parker says. Searches for “drought tolerant landscaping ideas” increased by an impressive 99%, in part because these designs require less water and time to maintain.

These eco-friendly options can “improve drought tolerance and thrive with 20% less water than a traditional landscape, especially if you choose to plant native foliage,” explains Cassie AoyagiPresident of FormLA Landscaping in Los Angeles.

Hot-weather loving plants are definitely a draw, according to the Sunshine State Charlina McGeea real estate agent at Sotheby’s International in Naples, FL, whose buyers are in the area primarily during the winter.

“As snowbirds, they’d rather spend their time golfing and boating than gardening,” she says.

Kara Harmsa design and lifestyle blogger at Whimsy Soul, credits TikTok with helping fuel the rugged landscaping trend.

“Users share information about drought-tolerant plants, native flowers, and how to attract bees to the garden—all of which are far better for the environment than a traditionally mowed lawn,” says Harms.

Dog friendly design

Photo by Hierarchy Architecture + Design, PLLC

Not every pandemic pup has been returned to the pet store! Instead, people stick with Fido and even invest in the pet’s comfort when looking for “dog feeding station” ideas (up 55%).

Unfortunately, these pooches have proven difficult to train, with many pads seeming to break down in their wake. To fix the problem, searches for fur-friendly “chair seat covers” increased by a whopping 429%!

Mid-century materials galore

Photo by risa boyer architecture

No home style is more sought after today than Mid-Century Modern, specifically Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Ideas, which rose a staggering 576%. And even very specific materials associated with this look showed real appeal, including the looped yarn material Bouclé (up 149%) and Curved Sofas (up 31%).

But the mother of all mid-century modern detail searches is “kit-kat tile,” perhaps for a new splashback or to cover the shower in a new Japandi-inspired bathroom. The Kit Kat tile is shaped like the candy of the same name – long and lean – and the quest for it burns at 797%! Who knew?!

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